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Citywalk Apartments Dubai

City Walk is the newest addition to Dubai’s shopping and dining scene. The multi-million Dirham project aims to take the outside, inside, and the inside, outside. City Walk Meraas is a self-contained shopping and dining area that is more of a community rather than a mall. It’s more of a town centre that combines Dubai with chic European fashion and a London edge. Underneath a glass roof, boulevards bordered by high-end franchises such as Karl Lagerfeld, Chantelle, and Ralph Lauren criss-cross in natural light and subtle air-conditioning. Step outside and you’re transported 6,000 kilometres to London, and nearly 150 years back to the age of the Victorians… While the inside boulevards are nicely finished, it is very obvious that you’re in Dubai, so for something very different – or familiar, if you’re British – you have to go outside-outside. Not only will see a genuine Royal Mail post box, denoted “GR” from the reign of King George VI, and a traditional British red phone box, but